"Bracket Detector" lists level of curly brackets

A short little Perl snippet that shows you missing curly brackets in your code. (In case you do not have access to a fancy editor that includes such functionality.)

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Redecentralize.org wants to "redecentralize" the web, just as we do with "self-hosting" using Pelican.

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Why Pelican instead of WordPress et al?

This blog is powered by Pelican, a static website generator with special functionality for bloggers like us. As a static website generator, Pelican does not generate nicely looking HTML websites from our blog content "on-the-fly" as users visit logfile.ch, but generates static HTML files which can then be simply served to the visitor without the need for any dynamic code to be executed on the web server. So, why do we use Pelican instead of something like WordPress or Blogger?

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